Early Years is where most of our pupils begin their learning journey. The Early Years section caters to children ages 3 to 7 (Nursery, Pre-Kinder, Kinder and Primary 1 classes) and is located on our spacious Monterrico campus. 

Our team of exceptional teachers are committed to supporting each child’s social, emotional and intellectual development. Our young pupils learn through experience whilst developing conceptual understanding and crucial skills that will take them to the next stages in their development.  

Markham College opened a state-of-the-art Nursery (3+) in 2016. Under the direction of Early Years, this programme affords pupils a wonderful foundation for the English Immersion and Personal and Social Education (PSE) programmes already in place. The spacious interior space of these classrooms are designed around a variety of centres: imaginative play, construction, art and cooking, to name a few. 

Entry into the College now begins in Nursery. Please note that applications to Markham College begin one year in advance and are all online.

In accordance with Ministry of Education regulations, Markham College does not evaluate a child applying for entry into Nursery (3+), Pre-Kinder (4), Kinder (5) or Primary 1 (6). Please review the section: Admission criteria, for our established priority criteria of admission for all candidates into the College. 

Please email the Admissions Office at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in order to receive access to an online application to Early Years.