Applications to Markham College are online.  Please email the Admissions office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in order to receive access to an online application.

Please note that online applications for Primary 2 onwards require the attachment of the following items. Please have them ready when completing your child’s application:

  • Copy of the applicant’s birth certificate (Please note: If one or more parent is Peruvian, the applicant will require by law to have one of the following: a Peruvian birth certificate or a Peruvian birth abroad certificate).
  • Copy of DNI for minors for Peruvian applicants or Carnet de Extranjeria or a Diplomatic Carnet as well as a Passport for foreign applicants.
  • One recent photo of the applicant preferably taken within one month of the application.
  • One recent photo of the applicant’s family preferably taken within one month of the application (optional).
  • The last two years of academic transcripts from the applicant's current school with a complete explanation of the grading system attached.
  • Copies of certificates of achievement, or letters of recommendation for excellence, in any of the following areas: Academic, Sport, Art, Music or Drama.
  • Copy of the ‘Constancia de Matrícula del SIAGIE’ (for candidates transferring from another school within Peru).


The application process for Primary 2 onward will consist of the following:

  • Complete revision of your child’s application by the Admission’s Committee (as for all candidates).
  • A revision of the financial information included in your child’s application with possible interview (as for all candidates).
  • Written evaluations for English, Spanish and Mathematics (in English) in accordance with the year group to which the applicant is applying. This applies for all levels Primary 2 to Secondary 3. From Secondary 3 onwards examinations may also include reference to IGCSE course levels and/or IB course levels for Sixth Form applicants.
  • Scheduled tours for the area of the School (Monterrico or San Antonio).  
  • Personal interviews with the applicant conducted in both English and Spanish. Interviews are conducted by Senior Staff members.
  • Scheduled personal interviews with both parents conducted in either English or Spanish may also be requested by the College. 


Applicants will receive a letter regarding the school’s final decision as soon as possible after all of their evaluations are completed. Places will only be offered to those candidates who have successfully met all entry requirements.