Positions are sometimes available to foreign families relocating to Lima as well as to local residents who would like to transfer their child from another school within Peru to Markham.

Applications from foreign families are accepted throughout the year, pending the availabilty of places. Evaluations for foreign candidates are usually held mid-year (June/July) and immediately prior to the beginning of the school year (February) however, exceptions may be made for foreign candidates pending their arrival dates to Lima, the availability of spaces within the College and always in compliance with Ministry regulations.

The process for accepting applications from local families begins in August, the year prior to the start of the academic year (e.g.: August 2018 for a March 2019 entrance). Evaluations are held for local candidates in October of the year prior to entry.

Please review the admissions criteria for all families seeking a place for their child under the section: Admission criteria

It is important to also note that Markham College is a bilingual school in which most classes are conducted in English. Pupils wishing to apply to the Upper School and Lower School (Primary 2 onwards) are expected to have a strong command of the English language relative to their age and year group.

Markham College also follows a British curriculum and prepares all pupils for the University of Cambridge IGCSE examinations taken in Secondary 4. All Upper School pupils enrolled in the College are expected to sit these evaluations. 

Markham College does accept new students to the IB programme. Please note, this is a two year programme (5B&6B). Students are only entered into the first year (5B) and are expected to complete the programme in full.

Please note that only those applicants who meet satisfactory admission requirements will be offered a place in the College