The First Board of Governors was formed in 1946. Members of the Board of Directors work ad honorem.

Responsibilities include:

  • To safeguard Markham’s educational philosophy, principles and ethos.
  • To provide the direction and strategic planning to both educational and developmental programmes and to create sound financial policies for their implementation.

The present Board of Directors of the British Educational Association of Peru, the founding and promoting authority of Markham College, is comprised of the following members: 

- Sr. Raul Otero Bossano (Chairman)

- Sr. Roberto MacLean Martins (Vice-Chairman)

- Sr. Mark Hoffmann Rosas (Treasurer)

- Sr. Ricardo Aguirre Arriz 

- Sr. Claudio Querol Calderón

- Sra. Maine Escajadillo Revilla

- Sra. Anita Bjelke Holt

- Sra. Maria Alejandra Delgado de del Corral

- Sr. Augusto Barreto Espantoso (APAFA)

- Sr. Fernando Casteñeda Melgar (APAFA)