Markham Students...
  • … have the motivation, determination and self-discipline to develop their full potential - be it intellectual, academic, sporting, cultural or social - as individuals, members of a team and the wider school community.
  • ... demonstrate the skills, flexibility of mind and intellectual curiosity that will enable them to become independent thinkers, risk-takers, life-long learners and significant contributors in a rapidly changing world.
  • ... display qualities of integrity, humility, loyalty and dignity as well as respect for themselves, for those of different faiths, belief systems or social background and for the environment.
  • ... accept at all times both their individual and their collective responsibility - as shared with Board members, staff, parents, fellow pupils and Old Markhamians - for the well-being, reputation and advancement of Markham College and all members of the school community.
  • … possess a pride in and sense of belonging to Peru, have an understanding of its people, heritage and cultural diversity and are prepared to contribute actively to its betterment.
  • … are equipped with an international perspective and an appreciation and respect for other cultures, races and ideas.
  • … appreciate the full value of a Markham education and all it affords and are willing to give back selflessly both to the school and to society in general.