Performance and Visual Arts Centre on the San Antonio Campus (March 2017)


 Facilities for Art

  • Four large well-lit art classrooms  
  • One ceramics room with an adjacent room which houses a ceramics oven  
  • Exhibition space for presentations

Facilities for Drama

  • Black Box Theatre (professionally equipped)
  • Rehearsal rooms for performers
  • Dressing rooms for performers (separate facilities for male and female performers)
  • Professional storage space for props and costumes

Facilities for Music

  • Eight individual music rooms for private lessons (sound proof)
  • Three choir/music rooms for group instruction which can be joined together for one large space (acoustic)
  • Two performance areas (adjoining), each with a capacity of over 200 persons (acoustic)
  • One percussions room (sound proof)
  • One recording studio (future)






Nursery in Early Years on the Monterrico Campus (March 2016)

Markham College opened a state-of-the-art Nursery (3 year olds) in 2016. Under the direction of Early Years, this programme affords pupils a wonderful foundation for the English Immersion and PSE Programmes already in place. The spacious interior space of these classrooms are designed around a variety of centres: Imaginative Play, Construction, Art, Cooking to name a few. 








Science Building on the San Antonio Campus 

 edificio ciencias


  • Twelve Laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment (Biology, Chemistry, Physics)
  • Two adjoining seminar rooms (200 persons)
  • One Staff Room (Science Staff)
  • Staff Offices
  • Basement whole school textbook storage area 


Modern adjacent facility hoysing the Systems & ITC Department as well as the University & Councelling Services Department on San Antonio Campus



 Systems & ITC Department

  • ITC Management Centre 
  • ITC Software Development Office 
  • ITC Support Area
  • ITC Multi-media and Design Area 
  • ITC Infrastructure Area

Universities & Counselling Services Department 

  • Two offices for University Councellors
  • Two offices for Pschologists and other councelling services
  • Office for the Head of Department 
  • General meeting room


Underground Parking Lot on San Antonio Campus


Modern facilities with 22,000 square metres of parking lot (three levels)

  • Three underground parking levels
  • Total of 500 parking spaces
  • Access through Av. República de Panamá (additional tunnel access through Av. Ricardo Palma)
  • Additional Exit tunnel through Av. Ricardo Palma (completed in 2016)
  • Ease and security of pupil drop-off