University counselling

Markham College has a Department of University Counselling staffed by four university counsellors, who provide older students, from Secondary 3 y 6, a space with activities designed to help them reach their full potential as human beings, making life at the College a positive, enriching experience that also helps them become more self-aware.


This space begins with a reflection by the students on what they want to study when they finish high school, recognising their own interests, motivations, passions and skills developed throughout the school life. This stage is done from Secondary 3 and it intends the student plans the steps to follow in order to discover his career.


In addition, university counselling helps discover the variety of opportunities that exist for university education, both in Peru and abroad (USA, UK, Canada, Spain, Holland, Australia, Italy, France, Mexico, etc.). This is worked on with individual and group assessments, representatives of local and foreign universities visiting the College and advice on the application process for those universities.


Any coordination, to learn more about the university counselling service, can be done through Mrs MarĂ­a Teresa Montero