Teacher profile

The Markham Teachers profile lists they are expected to:


  • serve as role models both to students and fellow colleagues, as well as to those in the wider Markham community and beyond.
  • fully support and are committed to the school’s Strategic Aims and encourage and assist students in their development towards the Student Profile.
  • have expert knowledge of their subject area, create an active and engaging learning environment and exhibit the highest levels of commitment and expertise supported by on-going professional development.
  • promote an atmosphere of mutual respect, fairness and approachability based on a recognition and appreciation of students as unique individuals.
  • are highly motivated, dedicated and well-rewarded professionals with a strong desire for all children to succeed.
  • are fully appreciative of the opportunities provided by the Markham environment and are keen to make an active contribution to the development of the School and to Peruvian society in general.
  • accept at all times both their individual and collective responsibility – as shared with Board members, colleagues, parents, pupils and Old Markhamians – for the well-being, reputation and advancement of Markham College and all members of the school community.