Responsibility roles

At Markham College we strive to form responsible leaders, for this reason, we have different roles of responsibility, both in Lower School and Upper School, which are obtained meritoriously through different selection processes.

The team of leaders supports carrying out extremely important and transcendental tasks for the life of the School's community, for example:
  • organising the recognition of service and maintenance workers
  • cooperating in the organisation and administration of the Upper School's Sports Day and Swimming Gala
  • organising and leading the weekly assemblies as well as the end of bimester assemblies
  • helping with the management of School performances
  • supporting parent meetings
  • helping with the orientation (P5) and introduction (P6 and transfers from other schools ) of new students to Upper School 
  • organising various campaigns among students, etc.

The leadership opportunities are many, among the main ones we have the Student Leaders Team that is made up of:
There are two, a boy and a girl, chosen among the students of Secondary 4, 5 and 6. They represent the entire student body, from Nursery to Secondary 6. They lead the student leaders team and are expected to be an example of behaviour, as well as in academic and extracurricular activities. They participate in the leadership of the School through multiple campaigns and activities, including their active participation in the Board of Directors of the School.
They are students from Primary 5, as well as Secondary 5 and 6. These students are chosen and empowered to actively support school life, maintain an environment of friendly cooperation, discipline and unity within the school community. It is a task that demands service, honesty, loyalty, maturity and above all respect and commitment.
They are students, a boy and a girl, from Primary 5 to Secondary 5 who play the role of House Captain in which they are responsible for organising activities and competitions, motivating student participation and leading the House in the school events, as well as promoting discipline and leading the House council. They are chosen by the members of the same House and it is a recognition of their attitude and dedication for their colours.
Markham College has 9 student councils (Adventure, Students, Communications & Media, Cultural, Health & Environment, International, Service, Sports, Students Teaching Students) which are aligned to the Round Square IDEALS. They are made up of student groups and are led by a captain who is responsible for organising and leading the student council members, as well as the activities and events they promote during the year.