Our counselling services offer students group and personal support throughout their school careers. We offer a range of services with an aim to provide students with all the support possible so they can be successful in their academic as well as personal development.


Parents who are open about their children's needs can help their child benefit from extra support from the school to help the student succeed in their academic career.

Our Personal and Social Education (PSE) programme runs throughout the whole school, from Early Years all the way on to secondary 4 and consists of one period each week where the students have the opportunity to discuss everything related to Markham school life, including current and future issues they are interested in. These sessions are led by counsellors (tutors may also participate) to help them discuss these issues in a safe environment whilst providing guidance and support.

We support children who might have learning disabilities or special needs that may affect their performance when they are studying. In order to ensure they are given the help they require we alert their tutors and suggest how the student can be assisted to overcome these and thrive academically.


We regularly consult with specialists for specific student needs or educational requirements and share their suggestions with all staff so they can provide a more supportive environment.


The Head of Year will coordinate the Tutors and Teachers from each year group to ensure students receive the highest standards of education and personalised learning at each level. Students may also receive counselling support within the classroom.


Academic support is available to those pupils who may need extra attention in core subjects such as English, Mathematics and Spanish. A Spanish teacher is also available for non-Spanish speaking pupils. The school aims to provide as much internal support as possible so parents don’t need external private teachers to help their children.

Lower School new students benefit from a buddy system (usually a student from the same tutor group) who will accompany the new students until they are settled in. The buddy can help clarify doubts, explain the school system and also helps the new student feel welcome into their new academic home.

Three fully-trained psychologists are on staff and available to provide guidance to parents, teachers and pupils on a regular basis. Parents are able to request private meetings with the counselling department at any time.