Frequently asked questions

Below you will find answers to the most common questions about the School:

The amount of the entrance fee depends on the year the student enters. You can find the itemised details on the School fees page.

Departure times vary according to each section:  
  • The day in Early Years varies from 07:40 to 14:00 depending on the age of the student (for example Nursery students have classes from 08:30 until 12:30).
  • For Lower School students, the school day begins at 07:35 and ends at 14:40.
  • The Upper School school day goes from 07:30 to 14:45.
Additionally, extracurricular activities are offered in the three sections after the departure time.
In recent years the school community, led by the students, has written The Markham Code. This describes the values and dispositions that we expect all the Markham community to stand for. The expectations are for all members of staff and parents as well as the students.
40% of our staff is foreign. Markham College seeks to hire the best national and international teaching staff to guarantee that our students receive the best education possible. We are proud of being able to offer an excellent education for our students. Discover more about our highly qualified teaching staff.
Most of our courses are offered in English, except for a few subjects such as Spanish, French and History of Peru.
Students learn French between Primary 6 and Secondary 2. In Secondary 3 they can choose to continue learning French.
4 out of 5 students decide to pursue the International Baccalaureate programme, with a pass rate of  98%.On average, our students reach a score of 4 points above the world average. Also, more than 87% of our IB students receive a bilingual diploma. To achieve this, they have to study 2 languages at the first level language criteria or 1 language as the first level language and at least one other subject as a second language. In addition, some of our students choose to take English as their first language and French as their second language. Although this combination (along with their native Spanish) characterises these students as trilingual, it excludes them from the bilingual percentage mentioned above (otherwise the figure will be more than 98%).
On average there are about 20 students per classroom. This number can go down to about 10 to 12 students per class in the IB courses.
Markham College is a secular school. The religion course is offered but is not mandatory.
We offer a wide variety of sports throughout the school so that our students can improve their athletic skills. The sports offered include:  
Athletism Baseball Touch Rugby Handball
Gymnastics Volleyball Swimming Chess
Football Peruvian dances Badminton Dance
Basketball Ping Pong Short Tennis Rugby
Hockey Volleyball Dodgeball Squash
Softball Tae Kwon Do Lacrosse  
Through our membership to the international organisation Round Square, we can offer an extensive exchange programme for Upper School students. These exchanges are an excellent opportunity to expand horizons and have unique experiences. You can find more information about our association and the exchange programme in the  Round Square section.

We have agreements with several local and foreign universities. Likewise, as a result of the excellent performance that our graduates regularly have, we have preferential income in some local universities. During the year we hold several university fairs so that students can learn about opportunities in national and international universities. Most of the years, universities from Peru, United Kingdom, United States, Canada and Australia participate, amongst others. We also invite representatives of the universities to visit the school and talk with the students (and their parents) about the opportunities they can offer them. You can read more about the activities of our Upper School pastoral service.

Generally, our students apply and are accepted in several universities. In some cases, they choose to do part of their career to later complete it abroad. In the graph below we share the acceptances obtained until June 2018.
Aceptaciones a universidades 2018