Our pupils in Early Years feel welcome, secure and happy at school. We aim to ensure the highest standards of education and personalised learning at each level.


Parents who are open about their children's needs can help their child benefit from extra support from the school to help the student succeed in their school career.

Our Personal and Social Education (PSE) programme is an integral part of the education of the child throughout their time at Markham and runs all the way up to secondary 4. It aims to develop the life skills necessary for children to participate efficiently and effectively in society; it is concerned with self-awareness, self-esteem, interpersonal relationships and developing independence.

The children have specific PSE classes where they learn to recognise and name their feelings, understand their responsibilities to others and what it means to be part of a community. These ideas are reinforced in all areas of school life so children practise how to become thoughtful and responsible members of our school community.


We understand that each child learns and develops in different ways and at different rates. We also believe that all areas of learning and development are important and inter-connected.

The SEND area is designed for supporting children in their different needs and advising parents and staff in ways to address them.

Our SEND staff includes psychologists, teachers and auxiliaries who are always monitoring children’s progress in all different areas and offer additional support to those pupils who benefit from a more personalised and individual learning environment.

We have different learning support programmes for students in the learning, academic and/or personal and social areas. Our programmes can be related to fine motor, gross motor, sensory, reading and writing, maths, as well as EAL self-regulation and social abilities programmes.
All of the support activities included in the Special Needs Programme are completely free of charge for all Markham families.

We have a team of three permanent Psychologists in Early Years available to provide guidance to parents, teachers and pupils on a regular basis. Parents are welcome to request a meeting with the counsellors whenever they deem it necessary.