Our pupils in Early Years feel welcome, secure and happy at school. We aim to ensure the highest standards of education and personalised learning at each level.


Parents who are open about their children's needs can help their child benefit from extra support from the school to help the student succeed in their school career.

Our Personal and Social Education (PSE) programme is an integral part of the education of the child throughout their time at Markham and runs all the way up to secondary 4. It aims to develop the life skills necessary for children to participate efficiently and effectively in society; it is concerned with self-awareness, self-esteem, interpersonal relationships and developing independence.


In order to ensure students are given all the support they require the tutors and assistant teachers are made aware of any special needs they may have and suggest how the student can be supported to overcome these and thrive academically.


The Tutor, as the primary caretaker of the emotional and developmental needs of each child under their personal care, is responsible for working with pupils on several topics within a special pastoral care programme. These subjects are both age and topic appropriate and teachers may offer additional support within the group, individually or after school.

Academic support is also provided to those pupils who may need extra attention. These pupils are presented with a customised learning programme designed to give them the skills and confidence they need to accomplish classroom objectives. Additional English support is also given to small groups of children who have been identified as needing an extra boost. The school aims to provide the support the student might need so parents do not require additional private classes to help their children thrive during their school life.


All of our staff take part in a wide range of ongoing professional training, ensuring that they are up to date with the most recent developments in Early Years education and can apply these to their teaching. We also consult with specialists for specific student needs or educational requirements and share their suggestions with staff so they can provide a more supportive environment.

We have a team of three permanent Psychologists in Early Years available to provide guidance to parents, teachers and pupils on a regular basis. Parents are welcome to request a meeting with the counsellors whenever they deem it necessary.